I am an avid naturalist and photographer living in

Jensen Beach, Florida


Here are links to, and short descriptions of, my web sites


A blog about plants in my area



An on-line native plant class



Information about Kiplinger Nature Preserve



Images of the flora and fauna found in Seabranch Preserve State Park



An image blog about the Halpatioke Trails of the

Savannas Preserve State Park



A guide for identification of plants of the Treasure Coast



Contains over 3500 images of plants and fungi

images labeled by scientific name

and grouped by family



My high-resolution, interactive panoramic images



A site for identification and information about grasses and sedges of the Treasure Coast


Books with a link to the bookstore

Treasure Coast Natives

This book contains my photographs of the major habitats and some of the plants found in Southeast Florida. Every photograph has a story to tell and who better to tell the story than my friend and mentor Dr. George Rogers.



Guide to the Native Plants of Florida’s Treasure Coast

by George Rogers and John Bradford

This guide book contains over 430 plant images, a key to common native trees and shrubs, and many keys to multi-species Genera by Families




If you wish to contact me, my email is


and my phone No. is (772) 607-3924


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